Part 1 of my Appalachian Trail Documentary is Live

Here’s a link to part 1 of my Appalachian Trail documentary: Pt. 1 covers Georgia, from Springer Mountain, up Blood Mountain, and finally to Neel Gap.

Appalachian Trail Documentary Pt. 1

I’ve been keeping busy. I’ve picked up a couple of personal training clients at MKT CrossFit and I’m also training several people online. Healthy Gamer was one of just twenty channels from the US and Canada selected for YouTube’s 2017 NextUp program. I got to spend last week in NYC at the YouTube Creator space. It was a week jam packed with lessons on camera, lighting, and post-production techniques. That should translate into higher quality future episodes.

I’d really like to hear your feedback on the video. Let me know especially if you got bored at any point and clicked out. That will help me structure the flow of future episodes.

That’s all I have for now. I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for watching!

Jack Jones

Jack Jones

Quadzilla at Couch to Trail
Jack is on a quest to explore the world and find adventure. He is passionate about using his adventures to inspire others to follow their heart and step out of their comfort zone. He has hiked ~13,000 miles and was the 19th person to complete a Calendar Year Triple Crown in 2022.
Jack Jones

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