Hiking to Support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbia

I am hiking to support the Boys and Girls Club of Columbia. I’ll use contributions raised to help them set up an after-school gaming program. The program will use competitive gaming(Super Smash Bros melee) to teach life skills that are traditionally learned from team sports. Skills like discipline, work-ethic, and perseverance.

Link to my GoFundMe campaign. Thanks for your support!


Today there are millions of children who have an unhealthy addiction to video games.

And currently there aren’t many resources available to help them. I’ve been building The Healthy Gamer for the last four years. Over that period I’ve received thousands of e-mails and comments from gamers all across the world who are struggling with social isolation, obesity, low-self esteem, social anxiety and depression.

They want to make a change but don’t know how to start.

I think it’s possible prevent these problems and change gaming from a net negative to a net positive without forcing children to abandon video games altogether(because as parents have learned this strategy simply doesn’t work). What we need is a program that can harness the excitement children naturally feel for video games and channel that energy in more positive directions.

That’s what the gaming program at the Boys and Girls Club of Columbia will do. We will give the kids a social and competitive environment where they can play one of their favorite video games(Super Smash Bros Melee). And we will infuse every gaming session with lessons on important life skills.

I really appreciate your support. Please spread the word and share the GoFundMe page with gaming friends and parents of gamers. Thank you!



Jack Jones

Jack Jones

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Jack is on a quest to explore the world and find adventure. He is passionate about using his adventures to inspire others to follow their heart and step out of their comfort zone. He has hiked ~13,000 miles and was the 19th person to complete a Calendar Year Triple Crown in 2022.
Jack Jones

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